So you're a team manager?

Everybody loves a good organiser, and as team manager you are key to the success of the season. Thanks for taking on this role. Here are a few tips and expectations that should help ensure we are all on the same page:

    • The team manager is the first point of contact for SUB Football. If we need to get in touch with you about anything, we will do so by phone or email. We expect you to pass any messages onto your team, especially in regards to rules and conduct. 

    • The team manager is responsible for their team. This means that it's your job to ensure your team knows where and when they're playing, what the rules are, what they need to wear etc. Thankfully we've made it super easy with all information available on the website. 

    • The team manager must let us know if they plan to default. Please let us know at the first instance if your team will default for any reason. There's nothing more disappointing than turning up to a game with no opposition and I'm sure you wouldn't want it to happen to you! With plenty of warning, we may be able to arrange a friendly game for a team when their opposition defaults.

    • The team manager will engage in any disciplinary issues. Let's hope this doesn't happen! But if someone in your team is issued a red card during a game, or is otherwise reported, we will be in touch with you to discuss the disciplinary process as outlined in rule number 4.7

    • The team manager accepts the terms and conditions of participation on behalf of the team. Make sure your team understands these! Most importantly is the aspect of fair play, and respecting the decision of the referee. 

Thanks, and enjoy your season!