SUB Football is about community. It’s about getting out in the open air and enjoying sport with friends. It’s about everyone playing the beautiful game. 

Winning is fun, but how you get there is just as important, if not more so.


Bruce and Julie are Directors of SUB Football, and are happy to be contacted with any of your questions.

You'll see them at the venues generally walking around with a camera in hand, but you may even come across them in a game or two!

Venue managers

SUB Football venue managers are the people who make sure everything happens on game nights. These guys are awesome. They come early to set up the fields and make sure all games are played as scheduled.

They are your main contact on game night for:

  • Cancellations and defaults - Contact by phone call before 3pm on the day
  • First aid and injuries - Venue managers are trained in basic sports first aid and have first aid kits available on site.
  • Questions, issues, comments and compliments


And where would we be without our referees? We are so grateful for the fantastic job that our referees do night after night. They are people who are passionate about SUB Football, and work hard to make sure your games run smoothly.

SUB Football referees are trained and assessed, and receive regular feedback on their performance. Most go on to become Association Referees through New Zealand Football, and some have also qualified as FIFA referees.

If you’d like to be a SUB Football referee, find out more here.