SUB Football is seven-a-side soccer in a fun, friendly format. Its unique rules and no-force policy make it an attractive sport for everyone, from football-fanatics to total beginners.

What is SUB Football?

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SUMMER LEAGUES: SUB Football has summer leagues located in three central Auckland locations, and is a popular competition for corporate teams, groups of friends and club teams wanting to keep up their fitness off-season.

The competition kicks off in late October/early November each year and runs until late February/early March, with a 3-4 week mid-season break between mid December and mid January. The season ends with an inter-competition playoff tournament for the top teams in each division.

Games are played weekly over the 12 week competition, and are 40 minutes long, with starting times at 6pm, 6.40pm or 7.20pm. All games are refereed by SUB Football trained and qualified referees.

AUTUMN, WINTER & SPRING LEAGUES: You can now play SUB Football all year round, with competitions played under lights on the artificial turf at Auckland Grammar in Mt Eden.

Games are played weekly over the 10 week competition, and are 40 minutes long, with starting times of 7.50pm, 8.30pm or 9.10pm. All games are refereed by SUB Football trained and qualified referees.


Teams may enter either Mixed, Mens, Womens or Family competitions. Mixed competition teams require a minimum of 3 females on the outfield at all times. Team entry is subject to SUB Football Terms and Conditions. Each team has a delegated team manager.

We also have the option of individual entries for players wanting to join a team for the season. 

Our players available facebook page may provide opportunities to find a player, or a team to join or fill in for from time to time.