We’d love to help! What exactly is it that you need? 

  • Looking for a team to join?

    Registrations have now closed sorry. With the season now underway, it may be difficult to find a team to join, however sometimes teams are looking for fill-ins, so try our SUB Football players available page, 

  • Need to let us know your team is defaulting?

    During the season, if your team needs to default, please let us know in the first possible instance.

    If you notify us on the day, please call your venue manager directly:

    AUCKLAND DOMAIN (week starting 12th March) - Wayne - 0211669209

    If you can give us more than 24 hours notice, email [email protected]. That gives us enough time to organise a friendly game for your opposition if they'd like it.

  • Incorrect score recorded?

    During the season, if you find a score has been recorded incorrectly, please contact your venue manager directly.

  • Lost or found some property?

    Please contact your venue manager directly during the season if you have either lost or found some personal property.

  • Want to know if a game is cancelled due to bad weather?

    Games go ahead, rain or shine. The only time games are cancelled is when the playing fields are deemed unsuitable for play due to surface flooding, or in the event of severe weather conditions. 

    In questionable weather, our Venue Managers physically go to the fields to assess conditions, and a decision is made by 3:30pm. All affected teams managers will be emailed and a post made on the SUB Football facebook page by 4pm.

  • Have a question, compliment or a complaint?

    Julie Meyer  Becs StittOn game night, you are welcome to talk to the Venue Manager, otherwise, email the directors. Becs and Julie are more than happy to hear from you. Email them both at [email protected], or individually, with their name We appreciate your feedback and take it seriously!

  • Health & Safety

    To report any health & safety incidents or concerns, please fill out a health & safety report