The Bill Davies Cup for Outstanding Sportsmanship 

In 2014, Becs and Julie introduced a special award in honour of Bill Davies and the legacy he created with SUB Football. The Cup recognises the positive team spirit and sportsmanship displayed most consistently by a team each season. 

2016/17 winners - Stranger Things

Congratulations to Stranger Things, who played in Division 3 on Thursday nights at the Auckland Domain. Some of their team has been playing SUB Football for more than 12 years! The team consistently demonstrated a positive attitude toward each other, their opposition, and the referees to earn themselves this years award. Well done.

2015/16 winners - Fish Heads

Congratulations to Fish Heads, from the Ministry of Fisheries in Avondale, who play on Monday nights at the Auckland Domain. Their consistently positive team spirit won them this years award.

2014/15 winners - Vucchi Originals

Congratulations to Vucchi Originals, a mens division one team at Walker Park on Monday nights, who are the inaugural winners of this prestigious award. 

How teams qualify

Teams qualify for nomination for the award in the following ways:

  • A tally of sportsmanship points, awarded by the referees at each game.
  • Feedback from venue managers
  • Feedback from other teams

There are also weekly spot prizes up for grabs for teams who score top points for sportsmanship each week!