SUB Football Hall of Fame

2017 Winter League

Grammar Turf - Thursday Night

Mixed Division One Winners: Bang Average      Runner Up: Amigos

Mixed Division Two Winners: Barely Athletic     Runner Up: Wild Moose

Mens Winners: AJ                                          Runner Up: Glack City Rovers  

2017 Autumn League

Grammar Turf - Thursday Night

Mixed Winners: Score Breakers            Runner Up: Beca

Mens Winners: AJ                               Runner Up: Pass it to Bav

Summer 2016/2017

Our popular summer league was a huge success over the 2016/17 season, with over 200 teams competing at 3 central Auckland venues. See below for a picture of the overall winners at our intercompetition playoffs at Seymour Park on Saturday 4th March.

2016/17 Overall Champions

Mixed Division 1 Champions: Right Back Atchya     Runner Up: Ball of Steel

Mixed Division 2 Champions: Glow Worms             Runner Up: Indie Essay FC

Mixed Division 3 Champions: Mayhem                   Runner Up: The Stantastic Four (+3)

Mens Champions: El O El                                      Runner Up: Rusty

2016/17 Season Division Winners

Auckland Domain - Monday Night

Mixed Division 1 Winners: Oh Snap                  Runner Up: Scorpion Siblings

Mixed Division 2 Winners: Are you any good     Runner Up: FTG Wanderers

Mixed Division 3 Winners: Clueless                   Runner Up: Small Yumz

Auckland Domain - Tuesday Night

Mixed Division 1 Winners: BROX                   Runner Up: Right Back Atchya

Mixed Division 2 Winners: Score Breakers     Runner Up: The Stepovers

Mixed Division 3 Winners: Auto Trader FC     Runner Up: Matt's Minions

Auckland Domain - Wednesday Night

Mixed Division 1 Winners: Wolfpack                  Runner Up: All Quality

Mixed Division 2 Winners: Indie Essay FC          Runner Up: The Onetouchables

Mixed Division 3 Winners: Gazyvaro Rochaldo    Runner Up: Mayhem

Mixed Division 4 Winners: Becalicious                Runner Up: The Stantastic Four (+3)

Auckland Domain - Thursday Night

Mixed Division 1 Winners: Jonny Rush Goalie     Runner Up: FREAKS

Mixed Division 2 Winners: Glow Worms             Runner Up: Nemesis

Mixed Division 3 Winners: Pipe Dreams             Runner Up: Stranger Things

Seymour Park

Tuesday Mens Division 1 Winners: Billy Mavs                Runner Up: Griffen Park United

Tuesday Mens Division 2 Winners: Bungle Rovers          Runner Up: Queens Park Strangers

Thursday Mens Division 1 Winners: Rusty                     Runner Up: Balls of Steel

Thursday Mens Division 2 Winners: Pass It to Bav         Runner Up: The Fringe

Thursday Mixed Open Division Winners: Ball of Steel     Runner Up: Swift Blues

Walker Park

Monday Mens Open Division Winners: Vucchi Originals                 Runner Up: Blackswans

Wednesday Mens Open Division Winners: Laaads                        Runner Up: Thunder 7's

Wednesday Mixed Open Division Winners: The Babysitters Club    Runner Up: The All Rights