Inter-Competition Playoff Tournament 2018

Saturday 17th March, Seymour Park, Royal Oak

Welcome to the 2018 summer season inter-competition playoffs, where the winners and runner-ups from each division over the summer compete in a one day tournament for the overall division title. 

Download the draw in PDF format

Alternatively, access the draw and results for your division online at the links below. These will be updated with scores throughout the day. See below for further information about the draw and competition format.

Mixed Division One


Mixed Division Two


Mixed Division Three


Mens Division One


Mens Division Two


Some notes for the day: 

  • Games are 25 minutes each, starting on the hour and half hour. 
  • Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and no points for a loss. A default win is recorded as a 6-0 score. No uniform penalty points apply at finals day.
  • Pools of 4 play a round robin, with the top 2 teams from each pool advancing to semis (or direct to the final in div2 mens)
  • Pools of 3 play a round robin; the top team from each pool advances straight to the semi-final, while the remaining four teams will play a knock-out playoff game for a position in the semis.
  • If teams are equal on points at the end of pool play, the team with the highest "points differential" will advance, if still equal the team with the highest "points for" will advance, if still equal the winner of the match between the tied teams will advance.
  • Pool play games may end in a draw; knock-out playoffs, semi-finals and finals must have a result. If a knockout playoff or semi final is drawn, 5 minutes golden goal extra time will be played. If still tied after extra time, the winner is the first team to have scored a goal, or the first board if no goal was scored. If 0-0, winner is decided on count back to pool games or playoffs.
  • If a final is drawn, 5 minutes golden goal extra time will be played. If still drawn, an alternative penalty shoot out will occur.
  • Ice and first aid is available from the tent.